• MUNCIPAL ADMINISTRATION & UD Dept- Payment of salaries and pension to the Municipal Employees / Teachers and Non-Teaching staff of schools working in Municipalities / Corporations through treasures under 010 Salaries Head of Account- Orders issued - Operational guidelines - G.O. No. 300 Dated: 02/05/2009 Download Here
  • SCHOOL EDUCATION – Absenteeism among teachers-Actual number of teachers working schools- particulars called - Proceedings Rc.No. 153/E1-1/2009, Dated: 01/05/2009 Download Here
  • Promotions - Join in New Stations - Further Instructions - Proc. Rc. No. 02/PTC CELL/2009, Dated: 22/04/2009 Download Here
  • SSC Examinations - Spot Remunerations - Enhancement Orders - G.O. No. 76, Dated: 26/04/2005 Download Here
  • Promotions - Join in New Stations - Proc. Rc. No. 02/PTC-CELL/2009, Dated: 09/04/2009 Download Here
  • D.A.G.O.104, Dated:31/03/09: Download Here
  • D.R.G.O.108, Dated:31/03/09 for Pensioners: Download Here
  • General Administration ( Elections ) TA/DA Orders G.O.Rt.No. 1400, Dated: 23/03/3009 Download Here
  • Modified Election Rates to Polling Staff Memo No. 2562/Elecs.C/A2/2009-1, Dated: 13/04/2009 Download Here
  • Elections - Payment TA/DA remuneration to Polling Personal for Training Classess Polling/Counting Duty G.O. 543, Dated: 09/12/2005 Download Here
  • Enhancement Remuneration to Staff for conducting of SSC Public Examinations in March 2009 G.O. Ms.No. 43, Dated: 20/03/2009 Download Here
  • TA & DA Sanctioned Vide G.O. No. 169 , Dated: 12/03/2009 for Teachers (2nd spell) who Participated Training classes in Summer to teach English Medium Classes in 6500 Success High Schools Download Here
  • Implementation of 3 LANGUAGE Formula G.O. No. 39 released on 02/03/2009 Download Here
  • School Education Dept. - Upgradation of 1500 Language PANDIT Posts to that School Assistant (Languages) and another 500 PET Posts as Physical Education in Success Schools in the State- GO NO.80 RELEASED TODAY i.e., 02/03/09 Download Here
  • New G.O. No. 179, Dated: 25/02/2009 Released for Municipal Employees & Workers for payment of salaries and pension to the Municipal employees through treasures under 010 Salaries Head of Account DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Up-gradation of 3933 vacant S.G.T. posts to that of Head Masters Grade-II in upgraded schools G.O. released on 25/01/2009 DOWNLOAD HERE
  • A.P. Government Sanctioned 2 Notional Increments for the purpose of Apprentice period of teachers. Payment of arrears as shown below...Sanction 2 Notional increments w.e.f. 01.04.2009, but credited to the G.P.F Accounts only after 01.04.2010 and then onwards they will be added to their salary G.O.Ms.No.2 released on 05/01/2009 DOWNLOAD HERE

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