PAY FIXATION Statement of SA's & SGT's with Notional Increments Download
School Education – Demands for counting of two(2) years apprentice period for the purpose of sanction of Notional Increments – Payment of arrears - Rc.No.3363/d1-2/2006 Dated: 03-02-2009 Download

on March 11, 2010
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1 Responses to PAY FIXATION OF SA's & SGT's with Notional Increments As per G.O.Ms.No.2, Edn.(SE.SER-III) Dept., Dated: 05/01/2009

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. there is no benefit to 1995 batch they would get only one increment if govt declares it is from Dr YSR GO all app.teachers will get 2 notionals uniformly



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