• Proc. Rc. No. 53/D1-02/2012, Dated: 21-04-2013, Memo No. 1339/Se-Ser-III/2013, Dated: 20-04-2013 & Memo No. 1434/Se-Ser-III/2013, Dated: 20-04-2013 - School Educations - Inter District Transfers spouse grounds and mutual grounds transfers of teachers - Instructions - Download

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on April 21, 2013
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  1. rakesh km Says:
  2. inter district transfer.. spouse case.....only adilabad to other districts teachers spouse transfer pending....unite and fight together... ch narayana rao 9492519192....chandra shekar 9247846752....narsaiah 9951096694....rambbu 9492365177 pls give your number if your are one amoung 71 teachers whose name did not appeared from adilabad district

  3. rakesh km Says:
  4. Inter district transfer spouse case from adilabad to other districts pending... this is last chance... fight back .... give your contact numbers narayana rao 9492519192 narsaiah 9951096694...rambabu 9492365177... chandrashekar 9247846752

    give your comment and contact number if you are from one amoung 71 teachers whose applications kept pending from adilabad dist



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