1. gayathri Says:
  2. ban not lifted for appointments in aided schools as promised by Chief Minister

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Govt is ready to lift the ban and fill Aided posts with candidates of DSC. But Aided managements are not ready to take them. They want to appoint their own teachers

  5. KP Says:
  6. what about teachers who have put in years of service in aided schools with pathetic pay just with a hope that one day they will be aided teachers ?

  7. gayathri Says:
  8. teacher unions turning blind eye to appointments in aided schools. Government gives step-motherly treatment. Inspite of sincere work, good qualifications unaided teachers in aided schools are paying the price for no fault of theirs.when will we get JUSTICE?

  9. gayathri Says:
  10. who is Gayathri? State rank holder in B.Ed from Bangalore University, M.A Lit from O.U. Winner of SRI SATYA SAI MEDAL AND CASH AWARD for all round excellence in the field of education. Winner of LIONS BEST TEACHER AWARD,many times secured cent percent results in S.S.C. in English and Social Studies . Honoured in the colony on Swami Vivekananda's birthday for being a model citizen. Invited to give guest lectures in many schools and Colleges.21 years of service as unaided teacher in aided school. Salary yet to cross four figure. HELP

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Managements of Aided Institutes collect lacks of rupees from unemployees and offer teacher jobs in their institutes. They don't want loose this opportunity. That is why they demand to fill up posts with their own candidates. Teacher Organisations like UTF demanding and to fill up these aided posts. In the month of August UTF st leaders and PDF MLCs represented the problem to CM. CM agreed to fill the posts by the way of conducting special DSC and fill. But managements are not coming forward.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. please contact this cell No.9666699851 for whoever are interested to transfer on mutual basis from Hyderabad, Rangareddy & Medak Districtis to Karimnagar in the carder physical Science school Assistant. (Goodwill negotiable)

  15. rami reddy Says:
  16. please contact this cell No.9618772562 for whoever are interested to transfer on mutual basis from srikakulam,vizianagarm,vizag,east godavari,west godavari Districtis to Ananthapur in the cader maths school Assistant.

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. We want to introduce our new programme for memory development, and help you carry out your invaluable service to our nation and society.
    Developed out of the research conducted by Roger W. Sperry, who was awarded the Nobel Prize (medicine) in 1981 for his research and the left brain-right brain theory, this programme will benefit your students by helping them improve their memory which will give them an edge over the others, and help open new prospects in their future.
    For this purpose we humbly request you to grant us half an hour with your students on a Saturday at a convenient time (secunderabad area only), for us to demonstrate the working of this programme and its benefits.


  19. sampath Says:
  20. is ban lifting in aid instituions are applicable to compassionate appointments too.. Ban period is20.10.2004 to 05.10.2009. i applied 2008.nsampath80@gmail.com

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. hi sir/Madam,
    I am a aspirant of model school.we have written the exam and waiting for result so much time.Any body have any info that atleast this year model schools starts?

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. APTF New site: http://www.aptf.org.in

  25. gayathri Says:
  26. New G.O. 40 has been passed. Government planning to fill teacher posts in aided schools through new candidates. What about unaided teachers who have put in long meritorious service hoping that one day they would be regularised. First regularise our service then fill remaing posts.WE WANT JUSTICE

  27. gayathri Says:
  28. Proceedings as on 14.8.2013 for rationalisation makes unaided teachers jobless..Earlier we were earning a pittance Government is planning to snatch that also. How long will you all remain mute spectators ? Arise Awake Fight for justice for your professional brothers and sisters. If you have conscience if have guts all you unions out there come out roaring like lions. Dharmo rakshathi rakshtha

  29. gayathri Says:

    31.8.2013 will decide if unaided teachers in aided schools will have their jobs.



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