The 9th Pay Revision Commission (PRC) appointed by the state government has recommended doubling of salaries for teachers.
The PRC, which recently submitted its report to the Chief Minister, Dr K. Rosaiah, has recommended raising the salaries of secondary grade teachers (SGT), school assistants (SA) and headmasters of government schools.
As per its recommendation, the salary of an SGT should be raised from Rs 5,470 to Rs 10,900 per month, that of an SA from Rs 7,200 to Rs 14,860 and headmaster from Rs 9,285 from Rs 18,030.
However, teachers’ unions rejected the new pay slabs, saying it will benefit new teachers more than the seniors.
“The salary of a teacher with over six years of service will be the same as that of a new recruit. Moreover, we had asked for at least 60 per cent ‘fitment’ but the PRC has recommended only 27 per cent which is not acceptable to us,” said Mr Venugopal, the president of the AP Teachers Federation.
Added Mr Narayana, general secretary, AP United Teachers Federation, “As per the parameters set by the Indian Labour Congress, there should a minimum salary of Rs 8,600 per month. But the PRC has only recommended Rs 6,700.”
The Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers comprising over 12 lakh government employees will meet on Saturday to decide the future course of action. The unions have been demanding 61 per cent of the fitment and a minimum basic pay of Rs 8,120 and a maximum of Rs 77,000 based on the service and category. They also demanded 100 per cent increase in allowance but all these found no place in the PRC recommendations.
“We condemn the ‘anti-employee’ recommendations made by PRC. We demand that the government not accept them and direct the PRC to make the amendments,” said Mr Gopal Reddy, president, JAC.
The committee had earlier threatened to go on indefinite strike if their demands are not met.

on December 5, 2009
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1 Responses to TEACHERS GET 100% PAY HIKE (ARTICLE BY 'The Hindu')

  1. bobby1263 Says:
  2. good news! by saying like this or publishing news that teachers get 100% hike in pay leaves a wrong notion among the people that all the teachers will have their salaries doubled. JAC should do something to nullify the effect of this wrong message.



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